John Henry Primary School Vision

“At John Henry Primary School, we strive to provide the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities for our community.”

Statement of Citizenship

John Henry Primary School statement of citizenship addresses the rights and responsibilities of each member of the John Henry Primary School Community.  The statement of citizenship is as follows:

“A citizen of John Henry Primary School is anyone who works within the school grounds. This includes students, teachers and all other members of our school community.  At John Henry Primary School, we endeavour to create the best possible learning and working environment for all citizens. This statement applies to all John Henry Primary School citizens.”

Citizens of John Henry Primary School aspire to reflect the highest moral and ethical standards. Achievement is of great importance but how we behave is just as significant. The core of citizenship at John Henry Primary School is one of respect. Respect not only means the way we speak to each other, but the way we treat each other and each other’s property. Within the school, true citizenship requires the understanding of these ideals:


Staff and students are privileged to work at John Henry Primary School. Communication, respect and teamwork are necessary for teachers and students of all backgrounds, race, religion or gender, for it leads to a friendly and effective environment. It is essential to be who you are and allow others to be who they are.


The “Mind, Body, Spirit” philosophy covers the primary pillars of the John Henry Primary School values for its citizens. Mind refers to academic performance, Body is sporting involvement and Spirit is wider school involvement. It is through a balance in these three key aspects that a person makes the most of their time at John Henry Primary School.


At John Henry Primary School there is a wide diversity in leadership roles; students and staff have the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, these positions. Leaders of John Henry Primary School lead by example, further developing their maturity, integrity and appreciation for each other.

Honour the Work

It is important to ‘Honour the Work’ and support each other in the process. Staff and students have a strong passion for their work and go about it in a productive manner. Students always produce to the best of their ability just as their teachers provide the best feedback possible.


Great care is taken in handling the property of other people and the School. People’s belongings as well as school facilities are looked after in order to maintain trust between citizens. Care and respect between citizens and their property are vital for John Henry Primary School to work towards the future.


Guiding Principles

John Henry Primary School is committed to developing learners:

  • Recognising and developing intellectual, academic, cultural and sporting excellence.
  • Providing inspirational and challenging teaching that is caring of the individual.
  • Appreciating its diverse and highly professional staff and their dedication to the expectations of the School.

John Henry Primary School is committed to development of RESPECTFUL citizens:

  • Providing students, parents and staff with a sense of belonging to a community with clear goals.
  • Encouraging and expecting the involvement of all members of the school community.
  • Fostering understanding, empathy, cooperation and harmony within a culturally diverse school community.
  • Supporting social responsibility in a local, national and international context.

John Henry Primary School is committed to the development of RESPONSIBLE citizens:

  • Challenging every student to achieve his full potential, often beyond perceived capabilities.
  • Promoting creativity, innovation, teamwork and leadership in its students and staff.
  • Supporting humour, inquiry, pragmatism, balance, optimism, resilience and lofty aspirations.
  • Developing within students their capacity for self-management and self-determination.
  • Honouring the promotion of care for others.

John Henry Primary School is committed to providing a child safe environment for all students by:

  • Implementing the Child Safe Standards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students at our school.
  • Promote an organisational culture that manages the risk of child abuse and neglect.
  • Has developed policies and procedures that aim to keep children safe.

Student Expectations and Responsibilities

Students should expect:

  1. To make the most of their educational opportunities.
  2. To learn without interruption or distraction from others.
  3. To be given the opportunity to participate in a broad range of School activities.
  4. Respect, concern and interest from their teachers.
  5. To feel safe from discrimination, harassment or indoctrination.
  6. To have suitable facilities in which to learn.
  7. On-going communication about their progress.
  8. To receive appropriate assistance to resolve School related problems.
  9. To be kept informed about School curriculum, functions, policy development and other School related issues.
  10. To be provided with the opportunity for involvement in the decision making processes of the School.

Students have the responsibility:

  1. To attend School regularly and punctually.
  2. To respect the rights of others to learn.
  3. To respect their peers and teachers regardless of race, religion or gender.
  4. To respect the property and equipment of the School and others.
  5. To carry out reasonable instructions to the best of their ability.
  6. To conduct themselves in a courteous and appropriate manner in School and in public.
  7. To keep the school free from litter.
  8. To observe the uniform code of the School
  9. To read all School circulars and bring them to their parent’s attention.

Teacher Expectations and Responsibilities

  1. To be treated with common courtesy by the students.
  2. That students will come to class properly prepared and willing to listen to, and carry out reasonable directions from the teacher.
  3. To be provided with an appropriate working environment.
  4. The co-operation and support of colleagues and the School leadership
  5. The co-operation and support of parents.
  6. To be provided with the opportunity for involvement in the School-based decision-making process.

Teachers have the responsibility:

  1. To show care and concern for each individual student.
  2. To treat all students with consistency and fairness.
  3. To be prepared for class.
  4. To be punctual to class and other duties.
  5. To provide careful supervision of students.
  6. To inform students regularly of their progress and to return set work promptly.
  7. To communicate with parents when appropriate.
  8. To support and co-operate with one another.
  9. To support the current School policies and procedures.

Parent Expectations and Responsibilities

Parents should expect:

  1. That teachers show interest in and concern for the education and welfare of all students.
  2. To be consulted and informed of progress and other issues involving their child.
  3. To be provided with the opportunity for involvement in the School-based decision-making process.
  4. To be kept informed about School-related issues.

Parents have the responsibility:

  1. To encourage their child’s punctual attendance at School.
  2. To show an interest in their child’s School work, progress and home-study program.
  3. To provide a suitable learning environment at home.
  4. To encourage an awareness in their child of the importance of having a reasonable balance between School work, family responsibilities and other activities.
  5. To read all School circulars.