Mighty Learning Maths Rangers Program

John Henry Primary School is very excited to share with you its “Mighty Learning, Maths Rangers Program”. Having been based from the Maths Master Program we have given the Maths Rangers Program a face lift and created some exciting new features. The Program has long been linked to studies and theories related to the importance of Number Sense by Di Seimons and her “Big Ideas in Number” research and findings. The program will be taught as part of the Numeracy Curriculum at JHPS. Students will work through the program beginning with the Yellow Ranger Belt, Green Ranger Belt, Pink Ranger Belt and finally completing the Black Ranger Belt. All of these relate to the key skills required for students to have a sound knowledge base around Number Sense. JHPS have also created a Red Ranger Belt (Time), a Blue Ranger Belt (Money and Financial Maths) and a White Ranger Belt (Algebra). Once students successfully gain their coloured belt, they will receive wristbands that correlate to that colour at an assembly. We encourage parents to be active in our Maths Rangers Program and you can assist by following the links below and assisting your child to learn the required skills through online activities and games or by following the given ideas. This should be an enjoyable way of assisting your child’s growth in Mathematics and celebrating their success.   

* Please note that the online tests will download as a Microsoft Word document once clicked. The links to the online resources/activities may not work on iPads/iPhones due to requiring Flash Player. It is recommended for the online resources/activities link that you use a PC or laptop. Thank you.