Scholastic Reading Activities

Scholastic has released free online reading and writing activities for each schooling year level. Currently 5 days worth of activities with 15 days to come. Click below.


It is encouraged for all students to keep a writing/drawing journal with the 5 W’s for each day – Who, What, When, Where and Why. These could be used for a variety of writing types such as a recount of what you have been doing during the day.


Work on “Maths Rangers – Yellow Belt”.

Click here to see activities related to Yellow Belt.

Deck of Care Mathematics for F-6.

These is a great resource for parents to use to teach mathematics in an engaging way using a deck of cards.

Acing Maths  – Click Here


Listen to the Jolly Jingles and revise the sounds we have learnt.
Click here for Jolly Phonics Youtube video
See if your child can learn to say these common sight words