It is encouraged for all students to keep a writing/drawing journal with the 5 W’s for each day – Who, What, When, Where and Why. These could be used for a variety of writing types such as a recount of what you have been doing during the day.

You can also go to ‘pobble 365’ each day to use the daily picture as a writing prompt (please only use the one from that day as we also use these at school).


Work on “Maths Rangers “

Click here to see activities related to Maths Rangers. 

Students can practise My Numeracy or Sunset Maths, login details are in student diaries.
If there are any problems, please contact your classroom teacher via email.
Staff emails are available through Compass and have been in the last few grade newsletters.

Deck of Card Mathematics for F-6.
These is a great resource for parents to use to teach mathematics in an engaging way using a deck of cards.

Acing Maths  – Click Here



Spend time getting your child to be able to read, spell and use in sentences the most common 100 words .