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Parking and Stop & Drop zones

john henry primary school

All bus bays at the front of the school are now 2 minute stop and drop bays. Parking longer then 2 minutes is not permitted. This is to keep everything running smoothly for pickup and drop offs. If you need to park for longer then 2 minutes, there is parking at the back of the school located on Caversham Drive. Thank you for understanding.

Crossing Information

Drop Off & Pick Up Zone

At John Henry Primary School we are very fortunate to have a Drop Off / Pick Up zone located immediately at the front of our school.

The following information is from the Cardinia Council website and outlines the importance of adhering to these restrictions.

Parking in Cardinia 

Parking around schools

  • It’s very important to follow the directions on parking signs around schools. These are designed to keep children, their carers, other pedestrians and motorists safe.
  • Our parking officers actively patrol and enforce parking rules around schools. Many schools request additional patrols due to concerns with student safety and illegal parking.

Don’t double park

Double parking restricts drivers’ views, forces children onto the road and slows or stops the flow of traffic.

Don‘t park too close to crossings

Parking within 20 metres before a designated school crossing or 10 metres after is illegal and very unsafe for children and their carers as they cross the road.

Use the ‘Stop and drop’ zones

  • Stop and Drop zones are a signposted location, up to 1 kilometre away from the school’s entrance, where parents are encouraged to park and then walk, ride, scoot or skate with their children to school.
  • We suggest students leave the zone by 8.30am to get to school on time. The zones help to increase children’s physical activity and ease school traffic congestion.

Mobility Space access


We understand that there are situations where access to the Mobility Space in the Staff Car Park may be required

You may have a valid permit, or have a temporary need where a  student or parent may have an injury for example.

To request access, please submit your request below for our School Council to approve.

If you have a valid permit allowing you access to a mobility parking space, please attach a clear image of your permit to your response.

Once this has been approved, we will contact you with details of how the Staff Car Park can be accessed.