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About us

john henry primary school

First Class Education in Twenty First Century Learning Communities. John Henry Primary School has been designed to support a contemporary pedagogical approach and to foster the development of a strong community. It provides an environment that encourages students to engage with and take ownership of their learning.

21st Century learning is underpinned by teaching methods and spaces that are engaging and motivational. At John Henry Primary School our spaces compliment current and evolving pedagogies and provide creative and energised learners and teachers. Our spaces enable social and collaborative learning, integrated curriculum delivery, mix of teacher-directed and student-directed teaching and learning, independent learning, project work, direct instruction, innovative and creative thinking, relationship building, and problem-solving skills.

Well designed modular furniture will be used along with mobile technologies to enhance adaptability and functionality. Furniture can be moved around to create boundaries and be configured for specific learning activities.


John Henry Primary School statement of citizenship addresses the rights and responsibilities of each member of the John Henry Primary School Community. 

Citizens of John Henry Primary School aspire to reflect the highest moral and ethical standards. Achievement is of great importance but how we behave is just as significant.

The core of citizenship at John Henry Primary School is one of respect. Respect not only means the way we speak to each other, but the way we treat each other and each other’s property.

Within the school, true citizenship requires the understanding of these ideals:

The statement of citizenship

“A citizen of John Henry Primary School is anyone who works within the school grounds. This includes students, teachers and all other members of our school community.  At John Henry Primary School, we endeavour to create the best possible learning and working environment for all citizens. This statement applies to all John Henry Primary School citizens.”

House spirit

John Henry Primary School’s houses are named after inspirational people to our Principal, Tanya Roberts, on her educational journey. All staff and students are placed in to houses and there are regular competitions for the Tanya Roberts Cup.

A lot of these competitions are opened up to the whole school community and we have been asked by numerous parents if they are able to purchase house tops so that they can join in and support their child’s house. So here we are. This is our way of making them available to you.

If you are unsure as to whether you want to get one we suggest you pop along to one of our house competitions and see way these houses compete. It is done in such a friendly way, maintaining all of the school values, but don’t be fooled, it matters!

Oh boy does it matter…


John Henry Primary School prides itself on the community that has been established. We all have the honour of being able to be a part of this amazing journey.