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JHPS Contributions

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Annual parent contribution payments.

John Henry Primary School’s 2024 Parent Payment Policy Summary

John Henry Primary School is excited for the upcoming academic year and would like to inform you about the voluntary financial contributions for 2024.

Following feedback from families, the contributions are now $177.61 and the structure of contributions has been modified. Although these contributions remain voluntary, they play a crucial role in ensuring that the school can continue to provide high-quality teaching and learning opportunities for the community. 

Additionally, we offer optional extra-curricular items and activities that enrich the students’ schooling experience, available on a user-pays basis. When you opt-in to any of these items or activities for your child, please ensure that payment is made to the school by the specified due date. These include items such as Camps, our enhanced Swimming Program*, Excursions and Incursions.

At J.H.P.S. we understand that some families may face financial difficulties and offer various support options, including the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund, State Schools Relief, payment plans for extra-curricular items and activities and Centrepay (subject to eligibility). For confidential discussions about accessing these services or to discuss alternative arrangements for your contributions, you can contact Robert Newell at 03 5908 9500 or email him at 

The C.S.E.F. application form as available for download here.

Please print off the CSEF form or email it through to the office admin staff.


To view our Parent Payment Policy for 2024 in its entirety, please go to our
website here

2024 Parent Payment Policy


The Department of Education has a Parent Payment Policy which can be viewed here:

DET Parent Payment Policy


* Please note, our swimming program exceeds the minimum requirements set by the Department of Education. The costs for this extra-curricular activity
include the full program, transportation, and have been calculated considering any funding we receive from the Department of Education. If you choose not to participate in our enhanced Swimming Program, a water safety program that meets the Department of Education’s curriculum requirements will be provided at no cost.

Tanya Roberts