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john henry primary school

At JHPS, we offer a comprehensive STEAM program that supports the development of skills including problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation and collaboration. All of these skills prepare our students for a rapidly changing world.

STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that involves Science, Technology (Design and Digital), Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Our students participate in weekly sessions that are developed by the knowledge of our highly skilled team of STEAM teachers.

Students are guided by the Design Process to ask questions and make new discoveries through a range of projects and experiments.  

Our school has an extensive robotics hub, allowing students from Foundation to Year 6 to engage with different technologies including: Beebots, Ozobots, Dash and Dot robots, Edison Robots, Spheros, Makey Makey Kits and Virtual Reality Headsets. We also utilise programs such as, Minecraft Education, Seesaw and Google Classrooms as an effective learning tool.