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Drop Off and Pick Up Zone

We have been alerted by our community that the Drop Off & Pick Up bays at the front of our school are not being used correctly. 

As these bays are not on the school grounds, it is the responsibility of the Cardinia Shire Council to enforce these restrictions. I have been advised this morning that they will be in attendance to monitor the situation and will take the necessary action for those not doing the right thing. 

As much as these bays are not our responsibility to enforce, we have a collective responsibility as a School Community to work together to keep each other safe. If there is no space in these bays, please do another loop and try again. Double parking on this very busy road is incredibly dangerous. The council have advised that, if the witness any dangerous driving, they will be asking for police attendance.

Please prioritise the safety of our school community when using your vehicle around the school, especially at these busy times.

During the hours of 08:00am – 09:30am and 2:30pm – 4:00pm on school days, stopping has a 2-minute limit and you are required to stay with your vehicle.

More information is available on our school website as well as on the Cardinia Shire website.